Could the iPod Nano Be Apple's Pebble Smartwatch Competitor With Rumoured iPhone 5 "Bluetooth 4 Link"?

By Sam Gibbs on at

The iPhone 5 rumour mill is burning pretty bright right now. The latest jingle on the grape vine is that Apple's working up a way to turn the iPod Nano into a Pebble Smartwatch competitor for the next iPhone using Bluetooth 4.0.

The idea is just like Sony's rubbish SmartWatch, but hopefully better implemented. Coming out of Apple you'd kind of assume it'd be good, and considering the Pebble smartwatch totally rocked the socks off Kickstarter, maybe there is demand for this kind of thing. I can't say I'd be up for wearing an iPod Nano on my wrist, but I do know people who do, sadly.

Would you buy an iPod Nano to strap to your wrist for remote control of your iPhone? And if so, how could you escape looking like a tool doing it? [iLounge via 9to5Mac]