Could These Patented Smart Gloves Be a Google Glass Peripheral?

By Eric Limer on at

As if Google's cyber-glasses weren't sci-fi enough, the search giant is also apparently looking into cyber-gloves. The patent "Seeing with your hand" has been granted to Google, and could be the beginning of a future Glass peripheral.

The patent outlines a glove with a camera on the fingertip, with gyroscopes and accelerometers built into the fingers. The main guts, the CPU, RAM would be packed into the palm, and the wireless chip located on the back of the hand.

While there's nothing in the patent to explicitly connect this to Google Glass, a smart glove does seem like it would pair nicely with the headset, which seems like it could be lacking in input options. A smart glove could allow users to simulate typing, or perform touchscreen-style gestures in the air to control a (perhaps eye-mounted) display. Crazy futuristic functionality aside if Google is working on smart gloves and not just patenting them, they're still years away. It looks like Google might be going all the way with this whole "smart [accessory]" idea. Makes you wonder what else is on the list to smartify. [Tom's Hardware]