Could We Soon See a Digital Switchoff as TV Heads Entirely Online?

By Gary Cutlack on at

A Lords committee looking into the future of delivering telly to our houses has put out the idea that terrestrial TV broadcasts should eventually be replaced by an entirely internet-based network, requiring confused old people to adjust their televisions once again.

The House of Lords committee wants the government to draw up plans that would see every channel delivered via the internet in the future, with the key aim being the freeing up of yet more radio spectrum for future mobile and internet use.

But it's unlikely to happen any time soon. The Lords committee recognised that the UK's internet infrastructure is nowhere near sturdy or wide-reaching enough to cover the entire country in the way that terrestrial broadcasts currently manage.

In fact, the Lords were also rather scornful of the government's current approach to broadband adoption, which it says is based around delivering faster speeds rather than inclusive coverage, therefore creating a "widening digital divide" between the superfast, the normal fast and those who live too far from their exchanges for any sort of decent broadband connection. [Communications Committee via the Guardian]

Image credit: CRT TV from Shutterstock