Dell CEO Bans Daughter From Using Twitter After She Blabs Family Secrets

By Jon Partridge on at

You've got to feel for Michael Dell (Dell's, err, CEO), who spent £1.72m ($2.7m) on security, only for his daughter to waltz around online, blaring their family whereabouts to all and sundry.

According to Bloomberg, Dell has banned his 18-year-daughter Alexa from using the site, after she revealed a tonne of information about his and a bunch of the Dell family's movements, which would make some kind of attack easy-as-pie to plan out, if someone felt the need to target the founder for, I don't know, a broken USB port or something. What? Stranger things have happened.

Just like any other social media-loving teenager, Alexa has detailed pretty much every move she makes on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, even down to the arrival times in NYC and her favourite shopping destinations to, no doubt, how much money she spent on daddy's credit cards. See, this is the downside to having both lots of money and kids.

The last straw, as the story goes, was when poor Alexa posted her high school graduation dinner invitation that foretold where she and her parents would be in a couple of weeks. Oh dear. Obviously we're all going to that dinner, right? [Bloomberg via TechEye]