Do These New iPad Mini Leaks Suggest Apple's Ditching the Camera?

By Sam Gibbs on at

The rumours about the iPad Mini are burning almost as strong as those for the iPhone 5 right now, with even Apple getting in on the act. Now we've got some admittedly sketchy-looking photos of a supposedly leaked 7-inch iPad back shell, and if we decide to throw all caution to the wind and trust this leak, we could be led to thinking Apple's not including a camera on this model.

The images come via a Chinese microblogging site, and as MacRumors points out, they could easily be fakes. Still, they certainly look Apple-esque, and remind me of the first generation iPad.

Probably the most interesting part, though, is the fact that there's no camera hole for a rear shooter. Has Apple decided that it wants to save you from looking like a tool taking photos with your tablet, like Google did for Android fans with the Nexus 7? I sure hope so. Still, take these with a massive pinch of salt until we get at least a smidgen of corroborating evidence. [Sina Weibo via via MacRumors]