Do You Read Like a Geek Or Like a Luddite?

By Eric Limer on at

I just got a few books in the mail. Physical books. Made out of dead tree. They aren't the most convenient thing to be hauling around, but I think there's a nice sense of completion when you finish a real book and get to put it up on your bookcase, all the while deluding yourself that visitors will glance in that direction and have several nice thoughts about how smart and well-read you are.

There are plenty of alternatives out there. When it comes to non-tome formats, I'm a big fan of the audiobook, but eReaders are all the rage if the people I see on the train are any indication of the populous at large. So how about you? eBook on an eReader, eBook on a phone, audiobook, paperback, hardcover, scroll, cave painting, meticulous arrangement of toenail clippings, what's your go-to format in these high-tech times?

Image by Dmitry Lobanov/Shutterstock