Does Microsoft Have a Revamped Kinect 2 Up Its Sleeve For October?

By Tom Pritchard on at

Rumours of the release a new version of Microsoft's Kinect have been sparked, thanks to the system's recent permanent 25-quid price drop in the US. Does Microsoft have something new up its sleeve for the Xbox and possibly Windows 8?

It's not uncommon for companies to drop the price of their products before the release of something new and fresh, in an attempt to boost sales and clear inventory. But does this mean a new version of Kinect is coming soon? With Windows 8 due for release on October 26th, Microsoft already has a lot on its plate. I doubt that it would be a whole new Kinect system, more likely is that any potential release would be some sort of 'slim' model of the original, which, to be fair is rather chunky. Then again I could be talking cobblers.

With the countless rumours circulating the web regarding the next generation of consoles, this could be the first stage in the run up to the announcement of the Xbox 720, which is more than likely to have an updated Kinect system, possibly built right into the machine. Or Microsoft could simply want to boost sales of Kinect before Christmas. In any case, there's no word of any price drop in Europe just yet, unfortunately. [Major Nelson via Tom's Hardware]