Does Your Sibling or Offspring Insist on "Txtin lik dis lol"?

By Tom Pritchard on at

Kids these days are rather lazy aren't they? With the ever growing number of people using text speak, not only in texts, a simple scroll through your Facebook or Twitter feeds can become a nightmare to understand. What does the lol mean and why does everyone end their sentences with it? When were numbers added to the damn alphabet?

This can make the Internet a very confusing place, and, unfortunately, the problem doesn't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. But fear not! Android users hold the key to unlocking these mysterious words with Text Genie! The 89p app functions like any other SMS app, but with one major difference: it will automatically translate text speak into a comprehensible form of English that anyone can understand. With a 1,500 word database that expands with your own input, struggling to understand your younger relatives' messages will become a thing of the past, probably. However if you struggle while talking in person, erm, well, you're on your own. [Google Play via Ubergizmo]