Dyson Launches "High Performance" Cordless Vacuum for Suction Nerds

By Gary Cutlack on at

Good old James has had his people working on yet another better type of vacuum cleaner, this time coming up with the DC44, or the Digital Super Slim. We're not entirely sure what's digital about it, but it looks quite nice.

Dyson's latest dust buster is all about the tech specs, seeing as it's battery powered. You get a maximum suck time of 20 minutes from a full charge of its 22.2V nickel manganese cobalt battery, with a "boost suction" button to trigger a furious eight minute burst of super sucking if there's something extremely stubborn stuck to your bathroom carpet.

The motor inside the thing uses what Dyson calls "digital pulse technology" to allow the thing to spin at a maximum of 104,000rpm. It's a vacuum cleaner to boast about. You might even want to take it into work.

And given that it's so exciting, this one even has an official launch date. August 30th is when it'll hit Currys and Dyson's own online store. [Dyson]