Embassy Cop's Notepad: "Assange to be Arrested Under all Circumstances"

By Gary Cutlack on at

The bizarre case of Julian Assange and his Ecuadorian bedsit gets stranger by the day, with the latest twist coming from photos of a policeman's notepad as he stood guarding Assange's London bolt-hole.

High-res photos taken of the cop's briefing documents show that orders on the day of Assange's speech to the crowd were that he should be "arrested under all circumstances," with the file warning that the silver-haired fugitive could be smuggled out of the Ecuadorian embassy inside a diplomatic bag or a car, and that Assange supporters could even fake a riot to create a diversion that would allow him to escape.

Obviously Assange didn't step outside of the building the day he went public, so the assembled police didn't get a chance to wrestle him to the floor. [Telegraph]

Image credit: PA via Telegraph