Everything Everywhere Might Have Something 4G Somewhere by October; Possibly Under a New Name Too

By Gary Cutlack on at

The time scales for Everything Everywhere's controversial but welcome early doors launch of a 4G service in the UK have just got a little clearer, with sources claiming we'll see the first brave pioneers able to connect their dongles from this October.

The timeline comes via Sky, which says the October 4G arrival date comes from a "well-placed source" within Everything Everywhere. Meanwhile, the network is apparently planning to launch an entirely new brand to cover its future 4G services. Everything Everywhere told Cnet: "...we are planning to launch a new brand in the UK later this year. This new brand will sit alongside our existing brands Orange and T-Mobile."

So there will be a new network, operated by Everything Everywhere, using parts of the combined Orange and T-Mobile systems, to deliver 4G to a few people. Couldn't be any clearer. [Sky]

Image credit: Mobile mast from Shutterstock