EX3D Show Off Stylish 3D Gaming Glasses That Also Rock Out With Black Ops II

By Tom Pritchard on at

Most 3D glasses nowadays either make you look like a hipster or a mental patient. But one of EX3D's latest announcements at IFA look like an entirely different breed, in fact they look very similar to a pair of designer sunglasses -- in fact, they also function as a pair of designer sunglasses too.

Not only does it have that fashionable advantage but these glasses are made specifically for gaming, especially split screen. When wearing them, two people will be able to play split screen multiplayer without having to give up any pesky screen space, meaning your mates can't cheat and take a sneaky peak at your screen. Luckily, these £25 glasses will be released in November presumably somewhere around the 13th when Call of Duty: Black Ops II is released, and they're pretty darn well compatible with the game as well.

For the 3D fans among you who are tired of looking like a dork; or gamers who are sick of their little brothers cheating at split screen, these are definitely the glasses for you. [T3]