Facebook's About to Start Shoving App Ads Into Your Mobile News Feed

By Sam Gibbs on at

Mobile users have, thus far, pretty much escaped from ads in their Facebook feeds, at least in the UK, but that's about to change. Facebook's just about to start allowing app developers to shove adverts for their wares right in your mobile feed, and unlike the desktop, there's not a heck of a lot you can do about it.

The problem with adverts on mobile is that normally you can't get rid of them. On the desktop you can always run adblock or something similar that removes the ads, plus they're also a lot easier to ignore. On your phone, though, there's little you can do to get rid of ads, especially within apps like Facebook.

It's all part of Facebook's drive to make money of its users, and the 543 million active mobile users are a pretty ripe target for ads. Advertisers will be able to target different platforms, and see what you've downloaded in the past, to hopefully show you ads that you might be vaguely interested in.

I know Facebook has to make money, and we don't exactly pay for the service, so we shouldn't really complain. But, I hate mobile ads, and do almost anything to avoid them. If there's a paid option to remove ads, I've always plonked for it, and ad-supported apps have never lasted long on my phone. Will this drive me away from Facebook? Probably not; but it might drive me to Facebook's web app with a mobile adblock in hand. Let's just hope they’re not quite as super in-your-face as the example on the developer blog shows, otherwise Facebook might end up with a mobile revolt on its hands. [Facebook via BBC]