Facebook's Oldest User is a Whopping 101 Years Old

By Tom Pritchard on at

Yesterday Facebook announced their oldest registered user, Florence Detlor from California who is an astounding 101 years old. Not only that but she is also the oldest person to visit Facebook HQ in Silicon Valley.

Facebook and other similar social networks may be seen as a tool for the youth and not the elder generations. But this isn't the case with the fastest growing Facebook demographic being women over the age of 55. Ms. Deltor is the prime example of how the internet is a place for all, not just those who grew up around the technology.

She also got to meet Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, which is good I suppose? But it's nice to see a centenarian embracing the modern world of tech, which gives me hope that my Grandfather will invest in something more high tech than a cassette player in his car. [Daily Telegraph]

Image Credit: Portrait of Old Woman from Shutterstock