Factoid: 10 per cent of Macs Now Roaring With Mountain Lion

By Jon Partridge on at

It seems to be the case that if you make an update cheap and easily accessible then people will flock to the latest and greatest, which evidently is true as the speed of Mountain Lion's adoption is unprecedented for Apple's OS X.

According to a chunk of web traffic data compiled by Chitika, it looks like ten per cent of all Macs have Mountain Lion installed, and that's only after a month of the software's release. That's pretty damn fast. Faster than the three months it took for Lion to hit a 14 per cent base installation but not quite as fast as the 1 in 3 rate of adoption that iOS 5 had a month after its release, but then again, desktop updates aren't free and they sure aren't as nimble either.

Apple made Mountain Lion available from July 24th, and only made it accessible via direct download from the Mac App Store at a brilliant £13.99, which was cheaper than Lion's £20.99 install price. It seems people like saving a good chunk of change, and it certainly screams 'why not' when you get a lot more for your money too. Pints anyone?

Microsoft, on the other hand, is taking a page out of Apple's book and is offering Windows 8 as a downloadable upgrade for £25, meaning the bigwigs at Redmond hope to share the same kind of success Mountain Lion has received. Let's hope for their sake that they're a little bit on the money. [GigaOM]