Fall Asleep On a Luggage Conveyer Belt and Receive a Full Body X-Ray

By Jon Partridge on at

I'm pretty sure this isn't healthy, but hey, why not! As one drunken Norwegian guy found out, taking a nap on a baggage inspection conveyor belt in Rome's Fiumincino airport results in getting a full body scan and a shut down of the airport. Brilliant!

The 36-year-old drunken Norwegian was carried a whole 50 metres without anyone noticing his slumber, and only when his scan came through on the screen in the fetal position did security staff sound the alarm.

The entire Terminal 3 was closed down whilst the Norwegian continued to slumber, potentially oblivious to the chaos that he had caused. An official has said that since he did not have a luggage tag, he would have circled around indefinitely on the carousel, and would only have been noticed by a member of staff. [The Aviationist via Jalopnik]

Photo Credit: Fiumicino airport