Free Beer? No Catch? Where Do I Sign?

By Tom Pritchard on at

How would you like to be able to drink as much free beer as you can stomach without having to pay a penny? I would imagine the chances of you refusing an offer that tempting are practically zero. What if I were to tell you such an establishment was real and open for business right now? Walk this way dear free beer drinker.

The InnSatiable bar in Farnham, Surrey, opened last month and is marketed as a "furniture shop". Cunningly, instead of actually paying for the booze, customers are encouraged to purchase beer mats at £2.75 each.

Where's the catch? There's no way anyone would give out free booze so easily, right? Well, apparently there is one man, and there's no obligation to pay for anything either, because the sneaky landlord's taking advantage of a nice little loophole in licensing laws meaning it's all perfectly legal.

So who's interested? First rounds on me! [Innsatiable via London Evening Standard]

Image credit: Beer from Shutterstock