Galloway in Twitter Storm, Again, Over Disabled Slur

By Gary Cutlack on at

George Galloway, the foot-in-mouth expert and occasional MP for Bradford West, has done it again, using an archaic disability slur to slag off a Twitter user.

Speaking in reply to a user in what would appear to be a bit of "banter" regarding football, Galloway said: "you badly need medical help son. Will decent Rangers fans please substitute this windae-licker."

The term "window licker" being one of the most offensive derogatory insults for disabled people, and not the sort of thing you'd expect an MP for the Respect party to throw about in public.

Dan Scorer, policy manager at disability charity Mencap said of Galloway's latest PR slip: "We are appalled that George Galloway, a member of parliament, has used this unacceptable term of abuse, which is deeply offensive to disabled people. Hate crime and bullying are a daily reality for many disabled people and the use of language like this only furthers hostility and violence. We call on him to apologise immediately." [Guardian]