Get Your DJ Kicks On With Denon's New MC2000 DJ Controller

By Jon Partridge on at

Bedroom DJ's, embarrassing dads or those looking into getting into a bit of mixing and scratching can try flexing their hands with Denon's new MC2000 DJ controller that looks the part and won't entirely break the bank either.

The MC2000 DJ controller is a USB plug-and-play twin deck controller that has classic Denon quality, yet is also accessible to everyone that wants to try their hand at mixing up some tunes. The decks are bundled with and designed in mind for Serato DJ Intro, which lets users get up and running, and have them scratching in no time at all. The decks also feature intuitive file browsing controls, as well as full MIDI output which lets you map the controls to other DJ Software, plus a built-in audio interface with Mic and Line inputs.

The controller is aimed squarely at the bracket between amateur DJ and the gigging professional, featuring twin jog wheels and faders, for vinyl-like mixing, plus full sample control, loop control, and a host of on-board effects.

Denon have been in the DJ product game for over twenty years and are continuing to expand their range, and with this new product, it marks a great entry point for those budding to get in on the DJ action. Retailing at around £270, it's not the most ludicrously expensive entry point either. [Denon]