Go Check Out Google's New "I'm Feeling Lucky" Button

By Eric Limer on at

Google's "I'm Feeling Lucky" button was cool back in the day, but lately it hasn't served much purpose; Google Instant has made it pretty much irrelevant. Now Google's spicing the old trick up a bit with new adjectives.

If you hop over to Google right now, and hover your cursor over the "I'm Feeling Lucky" bar, you'll see it spin to a new adjective like "stellar" or "hungry." When you click it then, it'll take you to some random goodness about that particular thing, like pictures of a nebula, or a list of nearby restaurants.

It's not like this is suddenly going to make the ancient button the premier way to search, but it's a neat little gimmick, one that's worth checking out. Hop on over and give it a spin. [Google+ via Engadget]