Google Denies Paying Bloggers During Java Lawsuit

By Eric Limer on at

As the last details of the Google vs. Oracle Java lawsuit wrap up, both companies have responed to a court order to disclose paid bloggers. Google has claimed they had none, despite Oracle's assertions to the contrary. Oracle fessed up to one.

Oracle has accused Google of "maintain[ing] a network of direct and indirect 'influencers' to advance Google's intellectual property agenda," but in it's response to the court order, Google stated.

"Neither Google nor its counsel has paid an author, journalist, commentator, or blogger to report or comment on any issues in this case. And neither Google nor its counsel has been involved in any quid pro quo in exchange for coverage of, or articles about, the issues in this case."

For its part, Oracle disclosed that it put copyright specialist Florian Mueller of Foss Patents on its payroll, but as a consultant, not a blogger. Google has already won this lawsuit, but Oracle still could theoretically appeal. That said, it doesn't look like there's anything here to help them in that pursuit. [CNET]