Grab Yourself Google Now and Offline Dictation For Your Ice Cream Sandwich Phone

By Sam Gibbs on at

Google Now's a pretty special component of Jelly Bean, with infinite possibilities. We told you how to grab it early for a select group of phones, but now that list has gotten much larger, and with it comes Google's awesome new voice dictation powers too.

The Android experts at XDA developers have made available two new flashable zip files, one for just Google Now and one with offline dictation added for good measure. All you'll need is a rooted ICS phone running ClockworkMod Recovery and an ARMv7 chip beating within.

The process sounds super simple too, well, compared to landing on Mars at least. Just download the appropriate file and flash it to your phone using Recovery. Reboot the thing and get ready to ask it all sorts of inane questions, with info pop-ups when you need them most. Just remember, it bases those cards on what you search for, so watch your dodgy search queries, OK? [XDA via DroidLife]