Hackers Break Into Reuters Not Once, But Twice

By Jon Partridge on at

News giant Reuters has recently been hacked by online attackers, in not just one area, but across two different platforms, and used to spread propaganda messages that support the Syrian regime. Uh oh.

Attackers managed to force their way into the blogging platform utilised by the site on August 3rd, and posted false stories claiming attribution to Reuters journalists. One post claimed to be an interview with Free Syrian Army (FSA) head, Riad al-Assad, foreshadowing a pull-out in northern Aleppo.

Reuters took down the blog platform, but the attackers then turned to a Twitter feed operated by the website, changing @ReutersTECH to @ReutersME and tweeting out all manner of different propaganda (screenshot from @worldwidenieuws). Just not Reuters' day. [The Register]

Image credit: Hackers from Shutterstock