Haier Continues the IFA Magic, Shows Off Transparent and 3D Tech

By Jon Partridge on at

Haier has quite the interesting take on technology, and surprised us at CES with their brain-controlled TV's and lots and lots of transparent things. This year the company is bringing their innovative tech to IFA yet again, toting transparent televisions and glasses-free 3D among this years offerings.

A new 46-inch transparent TV built up on last year's technology is capable of detecting six points at the same time, and as before, Haier is taking the business route with the device and is showing it off as a window display at this year's show. Very interesting. The company is also showing off their first 3D LED Ultra High Definition set, which contains 55-inches of pure Ultra High Def goodness and is available to be looked upon by booth goers.

More 3D stuff is on the way at this year's show, with a 55-inch glasses-free LED set with 28 different viewing angles that allows you to catch the 3D action no matter where you're sat, and 3D Multi-View, which will let two people watch two different things, letting one catch up on Eastenders while the other gorges on TOWIE. The horror.

Haier is also showing off an eye-controlled set which will let you take control of the volume and channels from the comfort of your eyes, which sounds great for accessibility, plus a 3D gesture control system that has a camera built into the set. Standard TV remotes not need look here, as Haier has also packed one with a nine-axis gyroscope, because, well, why not -- You never know when you might need it.