HMV Thinks a "Social Media Café" Will Save It From Extinction

By Jon Partridge on at

HMV looks like it's going the way of the dodo, but does it really think a "social media café" will save it from extinction? Apparently so, as the company reckons it's a bid to turn around its current misfortunes.

The Inquirer had a chat with a HMV spokesperson, who detailed the company's plans to open up its first social media café in Cambridge, where shoppers can charge up their phones, surf the web and sip a coffee made by a HMV-employed barista. A little bit different from the original inception of the company, I'm sure.

Opening on the 18th August, alongside the café there will be a new technology department implemented that will rely on devices such as the iPad and the Nexus 7, as well as "technology experts" to help get some cash into the company. Strangely, the company doesn't have plans to bring similar cafés to its existing stores, but it will be bringing free Wi-Fi over to current stores around the UK.

To be honest, if the company can't keep its tabs on its target market, I'm not sure I fancy their coffee either. And hey, what if someone spills a mocha all over the iPads? And honestly, it all sounds a bit like life-support for the company, as only last week HMV revealed that sales had fallen below £1bn for the first time since the company went public in 2002. HMV should stick to what it knows, but it doesn't seem to be any good at that either. [The Inquirer]

Image credit: Gene Hunt from flickr