How Do You Test a Guinea Pig For Motion Sickness? Spin It On a Turntable!

By Jon Partridge on at

Many thought for a good moment of time that guinea pigs were thought to not suffer from motion sickness, so what better way to test that theory than in the style of Dead or Alive's most successful single? And no, it's not cruel. It's cute. (And yes we know the guinea in the picture isn't on a turntable, but how could we resist using that image?!)

Yup, spinning around animals like a record is actually a totally legit way to see if they suffer from motion sickness, in fact, there's a whole genre dedicated to the art of spinning 'em around. And it's quite important. Guinea pigs were thought to have a good endurance of motion sickness, and they could even be less prone to its excesses such as vomiting. Space travel involves a lot of motion sickness, so getting to know their secrets could be quite handy.

But then again, the pigs are also quite cute and fuzzy, and, well, who wouldn't want to see a wee-little guinea pig spinning around and around to some silly dance music? Well, until it pukes up of course.

It was found that yes, guinea pigs do suffer from motion sickness, and after being fed a load of sugar, they don't quite fancy it any more. I guess that's where children and guinea pigs differ then, as kids are usually straight back on the stuff no matter what.

Have a read of the full reports here and here and learn something new today. [NCBI via io9]

Image credit: Guinea Pig On Hay in Toy Trailer from Shutterstock