HTC One X After 4 Months: Weird Batteries and Wimpy Gorillas

By Joe Brown on at

We've been using the One X for three solid months, and this is a truly awesome phone. But we've got a few gripes:

• Mo'effer gets really hot. Yesterday I put the phone in my trousers, took them off (don't ask), then put my trousers back on again, and noticed—not for the first time—how incredibly hot this phone gets even when it's sitting idle. Play a game on this sucker, and fuggetaboutit: wear gloves or something. It's not just me, right?

• It pocket dials all the wrong people. The screen is big; the screen is sensitive—two good things when slicing people in half in Samurai II: Vengeance. But I carry the One X in my front pocket of my jeans, and on more than one occasion, the phone has dialed 911 without my fingers ever touching it. The culprit is almost certainly that giant "emergency call" button on the lock screen. This happen to anyone else? (Note: If it does, please stay on the line and tell the 911 operator that you dialed in error.)

HTC One X After 4 Months: Weird Batteries and Wimpy Gorrillas

• Tough but a little chintzy. Yeah, I've dropped this thing a few times without it breaking—and kudos for that—but the consistent wear and tear is taking a toll. In one spot, a coat of that spiffy matte paint has worn off, presumably from moving it in and out of my pocket. And the once brilliant white exterior is definitely dulling a bit. What about you?
HTC One X After 4 Months: Weird Batteries and Wimpy Gorrillas

• The screen scratches pretty easy. I am pretty careful with my phone, but on two separate occasions scratches have appeared as if out of nowhere. Anyone else?
HTC One X After 4 Months: Weird Batteries and Wimpy Gorrillas

• HOLY BATTERY LIFE. I get about five solid hours. Yup: Five hours and I'm in the yellow. And no, my screen is not trying to imitate the sun: I've got the thing on half-brightness. According to the little built in powermeter app, there's nothing taking an overlarge sip either. I'm mystified. This is a relatively new thing, too—it only started getting really bad when I updated to 4.0.3. Do I have a lemon? Is this happening to you?

On the Plus Side

• Still draws a lot of lustful glances and "what phone is that?" comments, if that's something that matters to you. (It matters to me.)

OK, I'm done. How about you guys? Own a One X? What's your experience with the phone? Let us know in the discussion below.

HTC One X Specs

OS: Android 4.04
Screen: 4.7-inch Super LCD2
Processor and RAM: 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 / 1GB RAM
Storage: 16GB (no SD slot)
Camera: Back: 8MP, Front: 1.3MP
Weight: 4.55 ounces
Battery: 1800 mAh Li-Po
Giz Rank: 4 Stars (unchanged)