HTC Quietly Furious About Recent Poor Performance

By Gary Cutlack on at

HTC's boss Peter Chou has sent out a memo to all 16,000 of his company's staff, telling them not to listen to the doom-mongers running the company down and to get back to their innovative ways of old.

"We are a strong player in the market and we are just having short-term challenges" Chou said in the memo to his people, which also asked staff to "kill bureaucracy" and return to the fast-reacting habits that saw HTC rocket to the top of the smartphone world in the space of a few years.

"We agreed to do something, but we either didn't do it, or executed it loosely," the big boss admitted, advising HTC employees to ignore the "noises from the market and the industry" suggesting the Taiwanese giant is heading for the scrap heap in the face of furious competition from Samsung.

Although, most of the "noises" regarding HTC's poor form have come from the company itself, which has issued some rather poor financial figures over recent months. [WSJ]