If You Blinked, You Probably Missed the Instagram Bug That Let Android Users See Anyone's Private Photos

By Eric Limer on at

Instagram 3.0 might be the best way to browse your friends' photos, but for Android users, it was briefly a great way to browse anyone's photos, even the private ones. Fortunately Instagram managed to patch the hole in record time.

The bug, uncovered by Cult of Mac, gave Android users universal access to other users' Photo Maps which display a collection of geotagged shots. In theory, setting your account to private would protect these potential sensitive shots from prying eyes, but for a while today, the Android app—and the Android app only—could see any maps they wanted, and the pictures inside.

Only hours after the story broke, Instagram managed to get the whole situation under control. As of now, your private pictures should be hidden from users on any platform. Of course, if you really want your pictures to be private, you might not want to upload them to a social network, privacy settings or not. [Cult of Mac]