Internet Pirate Who Earned £35k a Month Gets Thrown In the Clink

By Jon Partridge on at

Making £35k a month from internet ads sounds like a dream come true, but in an age where sites like Facebook can bring in absolute millions, it's not the most impossible thing to do, right? Well, if you've been considering following in internet pirate Anton Vickerman's footsteps, it's time to reconsider, as the gavel was pounded down on his court-case today, with Vickerman receiving a prison-stay thanks to his illegal streaming site

Vickerman's site had over 400,000 hits a day and was in the top 500 internet sites at one point, but now, he's been convicted of two counts of conspiracy to defraud after an eight-week trial in June. Vickerman set up and controlled the site through a limited company, and profits were sent over to an offshore bank account in Latvia. Hmm, not Swiss?

The Federation Against Copyright Theft called the verdict a "landmark" case and could pave the way for similar sites to be culled in the future. Kieron Sharp, FACT Director General, and fan of the word 'criminal', said: "This was a criminal conspiracy for criminal profit to fund a criminal lifestyle and Vickerman is now paying the price." [Evening Standard]

Image credit: Piracy from Shutterstock