iOS 6 Beta Pretty Much Confirms the Smaller iPhone 5 9-Pin Dock Connector

By Sam Gibbs on at

The latest iOS 6 beta has been full of tasty little titbits about the iPhone 5, including confirmation of a 4-inch screen size. But it also shows reference to a smaller, 9-pin dock connector, which pretty much confirms Apple's working on it for its next iPhone and possibly even a new iPad.

9to5Mac found the reference to a 9-pin connector in the general hardware specifications within iOS 6, which indicates that it could easily cover all iOS devices, not just the incoming iPhone 5. In fact, there have been reports that Apple will refresh all of its iOS line-up in September, not just the iPhone 5 and this could be the reason -- a unified, 9-pin dock connector for all new devices.

Take this as purely rumour, though, because a 9-pin reference could be for something else entirely, however unlikely that seems right now. Apart from breaking accessories, having a different connector is unlikely to make much difference to the vast majority of users -- when was the list time you actually plugged your iPhone or iPad into your computer for anything other than charging? Remember, we're in the "post-PC" era folks, no syncing required, unless you want music on there without forking over another £22 a year to Apple, that is. [9to5Mac]