iOS6 Will (Finally) Let You Pick a Song To Wake Up To

By Jon Partridge on at

Most likely a much wanted feature since the iPhone first came into existence, we can finally put that blasted marimba to rest, as iOS6 includes an updated alarm clock application that will let you start the day to your favourite tunes.

Sure, the App Store is filled with lots of apps that will pretty much do that for you, but nothing beats a native-level app that will just work and do what it's told (save for those odd daylight savings bugs), and many might not even be bothered to download an additional app just to wake up to music, as many of the standard alarm tones blare out loudly just fine. The new additions to the clock application will also be on the way to the iPad, with the debut of the first Apple-made Clock app for the slate.

Personally, I find myself hating whichever music track I have selected as my alarm tone, so I'm not too sure if I'm going to be using this too much. But hey, I suppose I could just whack on a song I already hate. [AppleInsider]