iPad Apps Of The Week: Full Metal Jacket Diary, Cartoon Network, and More

By Leslie Horn on at

It's time for another edition of best iPad apps. This week we've got a whole slew of great stuff coming your way. From a Full Metal Jacket diary to a Cartoon Network streaming app, you'll like what you see.

Full Metal Jacket Diary: Matthew Modine, a.k.a. Pvt. Joker, kept a diary at the request of director Stanley Kubrick during the filming of Full Metal Jacket in 1985. And we maybe would never have known about it had it not been slapped on this app. Here you'll see text from Modine's journal, thousands of photos, and details about the making of the Vietnam War movie. £10.49


Clap Box: Here's another synth app for you to play with. This one is an iPad version of the Simmons Clap Trap, a synth you might recognize in a lot of 80s-era electronic music. Free


Cover Orange HD: If you don't guard your oranges from acid rain they are going to die! Ahhhh! In this game, you play the protector of your sweet fruits in 360 different levels. Free