iPad Apps Of The Week: Get Glue HD, Pinterest, and More

By Leslie Horn on at

It's Friday, which means another edition of the best iPad apps of the week. Can you handle this much excitement? This time around we're giving you a way to pin to your heart's content on your tablet, a way to discover new TV shows, and so much more.

Pinterest: Now you can pin recipes, DIY projects, pictures of dogs in costumes until your fingers are bleeding because the online bulletin board just launched on the iPad. It's the same Pinterest you know and love (unless you actually hate the whole Pinterest thing). Free


Get Glue HD: Although the phrase "Foursquare meets TV" might make you want to die, this is what Get Glue is. The new iPad app gives you a personalized TV guide, show recommendations, and a place to chat about all your theories about how season 5 of Breaking Bad will end. Free


Franklin Frog: Even if you're not five-years-old, frogs are pretty awesome. And if you are, you can learn about the life cycle of these amphibians in this app by reading about a fictional froggie named Franklin. £2.99