iPhone Apps Of The Week: Uncle Slam, HipGeo, and More

By Leslie Horn on at

Well what do you know? It's Friday so we're smacking you in the face with a bag full of the week's best iPhone apps. You can track your heart rate, track your vacation, or just track the closest donut shop, and much more.


Uncle Slam: Remember that MTV show Celebrity Death match where claymation famous people would battle each other in hilariously violent bouts? This is kind of like that except you can pit your favorite presidents against one another, and with an awesome name. John Adams v. John Quincy Adams: round one! Free


HipGeo: Instead of taking pictures on your holiday only to let them sit on your harddrive collecting whatever the digital equivalent of dust is, track your trip as you go. HipGeo lets you upload photos and text tagged with your location, so you'll never forget that little hole in the wall taco place you found or that spot that had the most perfect sunset. Free


Smule Sing!: You don't have to go to a seedy bar to sing karaoke with your friends. You can do it from afar with this app. Which is actually kind of sad, but potentially very fun. Karaoke, though, is one of those things that is hard to do if you're not under the influence, so apologies in advance if this leads you to drinking alone. Free


Cardiio: You could buy one of those expensive heart rate monitors to wear when you work out like a big gym rat dummy, but why? This is a a totally free, way to track your pulse when you exercise. No extra equipment required. £2.99