Is Javier Bardem Not the Creepiest-Looking Bond Villain Ever?

By Sam Gibbs on at

October 26th, Skyfall's release date, is rapidly approaching, so it's about time to start getting those movie posters out there.'s released them for your approval, and let's just say, Skyfall's villain looks like one seriously creepy badass.

OK, Javier Bardem is one scary dude at the best of times; just watch No County for Old Men and you'll see what I mean, but with blonde hair -- jeez louise, that guy is terrifying. Hopefully that should make for a solid Bond movie, because we know it's really all about the bad guy, and never the hero.

To be fair, Daniel Craig looks suave, and the Bond girls don't look half bad either. Let's hope the script can make the most out of that great cast -- Skyfall had better top Quantum of Solace or I might not forgive Craig for making Bond "too Bourne." []

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