Jony Ive: It Was "Extraordinarily Painful" Working For Apple In the "Newton Era"

By Sam Gibbs on at

Jony Ive's turned into a bit of a UK media-whore of late. First it was talking up real, genuinely-different design, then the fact that Apple almost ditched the iPhone, and now he's blabbing to the world about how painful it was to work for Apple. This is Jony Ive unleashed.

It's almost as if Steve Jobs was the person holding Ive back from speaking out about these kinds of things, but at any rate, it seems not everything was hunky dory from the beginning at Apple for the British designer. Ive's first project was the ill-fated MessagePad 110 and the Apple Newton, which were created around the time Apple was basically bankrupt.

“It was extraordinarily painful but remarkably educational to experience the company so close to bankruptcy." Even so, it seems Ive thought that Apple was the real deal, in computers at least, "I thought I must be technically inept, but the [PCs] that I had been expected to use were absolutely dreadful” in the past.

I guess sticking with a company that makes computers you can actually use is probably as good a reason as any, and for Ive it paid off in absolute droves. Still, it takes some serious cojones to stick by a company that clearly looked like it was going down the pan, even if Jobs the saviour had come back to breathe new life into it.

I get the feeling, now that Jobs has gone and there's not quite the iron grip over the company there once was, Ive has quite a bit to say. Indeed, there's more from Ive in T3, but you'll have to resort to dead trees or an iPad for that. [T3]