Kim Dotcom Gets Some of His Toys Back to Fund Legal Battles

By Gary Cutlack on at

The notorious founder of file-sharing portal Megaupload was quite pleased about the status of his legal problems yesterday, thanks to the New Zealand high court agreeing to release some of his seized assets so they can be sold to fund his court case.

Announcing the news on his Twitter account, Mr Dotcom said: "BREAKING NEWS: The High Court just ruled the release of restrained assets to cover our legal fees in New Zealand." He then urged people to get together and support his case, claiming it's not about pirating Hollywood blockbusters over your work internet connection, and is in fact all to do with "the abuse of power & law enforcement for political gains."

Let's hope he's really using the cash from the sale of the enormous car collection to pay his bills, and isn't just going to blow it all on a server farm to boot up his next file-sharing venture. [The Register]