Kim Dotcom's Latest Music Project Will Launch This Year

By Jon Partridge on at

No, I'm afraid it's not quite a doomsday device, and no, it's not yet another song of mass destruction. Instead, Kim Dotcom is set to launch his new musical venture, Megabox, at some point this year.

Despite some, er, setbacks, the New Zealand exile stated that the project was still making headway back in June. And according to a tweet from Dotcom, there is little doubt that the service will be on its way this year.

Dotcom has described the service as a site that will allow artists to sell music and to keep 90 per cent of earnings; also allowing artists to earn income from music available for free.

The man himself has also hinted that Megaupload may be on its way back too with a cheeky tweet. I've gotta hand it to the man -- he's got some gusto. [TheNextWeb]