Leaked Images Reveal More Retro Camera Goodness Might Be On the Way From Fujifilm

By Mario Aguilar on at

Images supposedly leaked to the rumours website Digicam Info reveal a gorgeous little camera labeled the X-E1. Is this a new retro shooter that will join Fuji's X100 and X-Pro1? We hope so, it looks very promising — like Fujifilm built the camera for a broader audience this time.

The new camera will be another compact system cam like the X-Pro1 — in fact, don't be surprised if it's just a user-friendly version of the X-Pro1. While the beautiful camera had the APS-C sensor everyone expects from a interchangeable-lens shooter — not to mention a wonderful viewfinder and excellent handling — it fell short of people's expectations. The camera's processor is so slow as to be a drag and its autofocus speeds are abysmal. Oh, and it costs £1200-odd just for the body.

X-E1 would seem to be streamlined version: No more electronic viewfinder but yes pop-up flash — those are exactly the kind of design changes a company makes when it's heading at a broader, less technical audience. And since the top image has an XF lens on board, that means we're likely going to see APS-C guts inside. Like both the X-series cameras, the X-E1, is a solid hunk of metal, and we're very pleased to see that it's intuitive two-dial exposure settings are still there. We can't know for sure if this is Fujifilm's next camera, but we certainly hope it is — as long as they've done something about the lag. [Digicam Info via Pocket Lint via Engadget]