Lenovo X1 Carbon: Holy Crap

By Kyle Wagner on at

The Lenovo X1 Carbon arrived at our office a few days ago, and while the full review will be up early next week, we wanted to give you our first impressions of Lenovo's ruggedised ultrabook. So far: Really good.

This is the best touchpad I've ever used on a Windows laptop. It's not quite perfect, but it's responsive, smooth, and works. And while some people still aren't sold on Lenovo's island keyboards, this is still one of the best keyboards you can use. Way better than the crap on Lenovo's U310, at least.

There are some issues we're figuring out—it's been taking a long time to wake up compared to other ultrabooks, but we'll mess with some settings and see what happens—but this is a really, really exciting machine. It's light, it's tough, it looks and feels cool, and has most of the good stuff you associate with "business" laptops, and only some of the dumb stuff.