LG Bringing Ultra Definition 4K 3D TV to the World This September

By Santiago Arbelaez on at

This pair of hard-working delivery ladies have just pulled LG's latest mega TV off the back of their lorry, bringing the world's first home 4K super-resolution TV along with them.

The 4K, 3D-capable TV is an 84" behemoth, which LG says is set to arrive around the world from this September. LG's huge set runs at the cutting-edge 3840x2160 resolution, plus, of course, it has the ability to upscale existing media to that size. Else there'd be nothing to watch on it.

It also features all of LG's current favourite technologies. It runs the company's Smart TV apps, works with its Magic Remote and incorporates 3D Depth Control for adjusting the severity of the 3D effect. No mention's been made of price yet, as that's bound to be the only possible deal breaker. [LG]