Local UK Police Site Hacked, Personal Details Dumped Online

By Gary Cutlack on at

Part of a Hertfordshire Police web site has been hacked, with the attacker uploading his stupid treasure trove of IP addresses and phone numbers of officers online.

Hertfordshire Police says the stolen data was hosted externally on a database associated with some sort of Neighbourhood Watch scheme, so the hacker wasn't exactly setting his sights particularly high. The police site has been taken offline while staff investigate what was accessed and what actually turned up online as a result.

The hacker added the banner "OpFreeAssange" to the data he published along with quotes from the famous Ecuadorian immigrant, so it looks like this is some sort of weird revenge attack against authorities for pestering poor Julian -- although the person responsible also said he wasn't part of the notorious Anonymous collective. [BBC]

Image credit: UK Police from Shutterstock