Logitech Announces the Launch of a New Line of Ultimate Ears Products

By Jon Partridge on at

Logitech and UE first combined forces back in 2008 and delivered the UE Air Speaker earlier this year which was a pretty decent AirPlay affair, but now they're back to pump out a whole (pricey!) range including headphones, earphones, wireless speakers and a smart radio too.

UE is well known for their range of Custom In-Ear Monitors made specifically for artists and musicians, but their consumer offerings are pretty dandy too, and their new range has quite the breadth and diversity, accounting for all ranges of budgets for audio connoisseurs of varying income.

Starting off with the UE 4000 headphones, they are quite powerful and feature high-sensitivity drivers for £79.99, whilst the UE 6000 headphones are a little bit more commuter friendly as they can fold up like sunglasses, and you can share with your train buddy with the included splitter for £169.

The UE 9000 headphones are the wireless offerings of choice from Logitech and UE for £299, and they feature Bluetooth connectivity, as well as an optional cable if you fancy some wired connectivity or you run out of juice. They also fold flat, allowing you to stash them away when needed. The singular entry to the earphone range is the UE 900, which offers fantastic sound that is only surpassed by Logitech UE's professional, custom made in-ear monitors. £329 is the price for pure audio bliss.

Leading on from their earlier Air Speakers, the Logitech UE Boombox is an on-the-go speaker that you can pair up with your smartphone or tablet from up to 15 metres away, which you can use to blast out your tunes to annoy your mates for £199. A smaller offering is also part of the range, with the Logitech UE Mobile Boombox, which is more of the same, only quite smaller, and a bit cheaper too, at £79.99.

Finally, the last new addition to the range, is rather oddly, the Logitech UE Smart Radio, a dedicated music device that can play Internet radio, online music services and the music from your PC or Mac, all through one simple interface, and £149.

All of the new range are expected to be available in September, just in time for those departing off to university. The headphones and earphones will be available exclusively at Apple Store locations, whilst the Logitech UE Mobile Boombox, Boombox and Smart Radio will also be available in Apple, Currys, PC World, John Lewis and Amazon from mid-September onwards.