Lolympics: Day 10

By Sam Gibbs on at

Well, we've managed a serious medal haul these last three days, plus the awesome 100m final, which some tool decided he was going to try and wreck with a bottle and some abuse; thankfully the rozzers got him. Meanwhile, more signs make a mockery of water polo players; McDonald's powers Bolt, again, and some idiot gets thrown out of the Games for smoking dope while another just can't be arsed. All in another day's Lolympics.


Olympics Good

- Twitter Ticket Alerts Reinstated
- Bolt Blows Everyone Away, Again, But By Just How Much Compared to All the Other 100m Winners Through the Ages?
- More Inappropriate Sign Placement Shows Water Polo Players Aren't Afraid to Let It All Hang Out
- Bolt Just Can't Keep Away From McDonald's -- At Least It Wasn't Chicken Nuggets This Time
- Behind the Camera, How Cameramen Get Those Awesome Shots Capturing the Olympics From Every Angle


Olympics Bad 

- Ganga-Smoking American Ejected From the Games
- Runner Banned For Not Actually Trying
- Brazilian Pole Vaulter Blames the Wind For Poor Performance
- Royal Mail Paints Up the Wrong Postbox 


Olympics Ugly 

- Man Arrested For Hurling a Bottle on the Track For the 100m Final
- Spectator "Has Words" With Bolt Pre-Race

Image credit: Olympics sprinter, Bottle and Cannabis from ShutterstockTwitter

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