Lolympics: Day 11

By Sam Gibbs on at

We've won gold 21 times over now, and thanks to our success, Australia's getting a bit petulant over the whole thing. In other Olympics news today, if haven't made it to the Olympic Stadium, we've got a gigapixel image for you, which is the next best thing to being there. It's not all good news though -- Idowu is out, and seven Cameroonians are on the lamb from the Olympics, but at least we haven't landed flat on our backs in the pool (yet). Bolt apparently wants to play for Man U after this, which is weird, and did you know each gold medal costs us about £450? Add that to our national debt.


Olympics Good

- Triathlon Gold and Bronze as Brownlees Do It Again
- More Gold on the Horses
- We've Finally Won a Game of Basketball After 60 Years of Trying
- How the Doves of the Opening Ceremony Came to Be
- Behind the Games -- Who Makes the Whole Thing Tick
- How Much Does Each Gold Medal Cost?
- Bolt Wants to Play For Manchester United After the Games
- Bolt Even Looks Blinding In Lego
- Mods and Mullets -- Wiggins Meets Weller 
- Britain's Cyclists Are So Good Everyone Else Is Just Giving Up
- Take a Gigapixel Tour of the Olympic Stadium


Olympics Bad 

- Idowu Crashes Out of Triple Jump After Ditching Team GB Pre-Games
- Britain Not Impressed By Team GB Football Flop
- German Diver Literally Lands on His Back, Ouch


Olympics Ugly 

- Powercut Causes Bolt School Blackout Just as the 100m Commences
- Seven Cameroonian Athletes Ditch the Olympics to Hide Out and Stay In Britain
- Australia Gets Truly Desperate (and Petty)
- France Accuses British Cycling of Having Cheating "Magic" Wheels
- Rowing Is Just too Exciting For the American Rowers

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