Lolympics: Day 12

By Sam Gibbs on at

Another day of the Lolympics passes, but at last, Australia concedes defeat. Google's also thrown up an excruciatingly addictive doodle, while we get a peek at what makes the our immense cyclists tick, technology-wise. We also saw a pole vault snap mid-jump; the brand police go nuts over a watch; the Daily Express and Mirror get totally confused by photos, and Jessica Ennis' golden postbox got vandalised -- only in Britain.


Olympics Good 

- Today's Google Doodle Shows How Lame I am at Basketball
- Royal Mail Puts Prize Money and Gold Postboxes, But Only a Few Stamps Into the Paralympics Too
- Yorkshire Tea Goes For Gold
- Take a Look at the Technology That Powers Britain's Cyclists
- Athletes Share Celebrations With Fans on Twitter -- Cake, Booze and Parties Are the Name of the Game
- Team GB By the Numbers -- Medals, Standings, Backgrounds, Age and More Mashed Up
- Australia Concedes Defeat


Olympics Bad 

- Paralympians Not Worth Own Stamps
- Cuban Pole Vaulter Has His Pole Snap Mid-Jump


Olympics Ugly 


- Oh Dear, the Daily Express and Mirror Mistake Dutch Dressage For Team GB
- Brand Police Target 100m No. 2, Yohan Blake's Watch -- This Is Getting Silly
- Jessica Ennis' Golden Postbox Gets Graffitied

Image credit: Olympics sprinter from Shutterstock, oatsy40 from flickr

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