Lolympics: Day 13

By Sam Gibbs on at

The Olympics are starting to wrap up, but there's still plenty going on through till Sunday. Ahead of Bolt v Blake tonight, Usain fires some warning shots. Meanwhile, "Blade Runner" Pistorius is back in the game; the Royal Mail's almost as speedy as the athletes, and there's more addictiveness out of Google. It's not all good news though, a lagered-up Belgian is shown the door; the French call us cheats, and the Kiwis blow up their BBQ -- it's all in a day at the Lolympics.


Olympics Good 

- Royal Mail's Pretty Speedy, From Gold Winning Podium to Stamp In Under an Hour
- Blade Runner Pistorius Back In the Hunt For 4x400m Relay Gold
- Google Does Another Solid on the Doodle Front
- Bolt Fires Blast Past Blake In Warm Up to 200m Showdown
- Crying in the Name of Sport
- More Equestrian Gold For Team GB, Should Have Bet on the Horses


Olympics Bad 

- Pissed-Up Belgian Shown the Olympic Door
- Injured Chinese Hurdler Needs Surgery Pre-Flight Back Home 


Olympics Ugly 

- BBQ Blast Clears New Zealand's Olympic Base
- French Public Vote That Team GB Must Be Cheats, Can't Take It That We're Just Better Than Them

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