Lolympics: Day 14

By Sam Gibbs on at

As the Olympics comes into its closing weekend, it's the final edition of Lolympics, but there's still a lot happening under all the winning and celebrating. Some people will stop at nothing to get gold, not even a broken leg puts them off, which is insane, plus someone offers Bolt an unlimited supply of chicken nuggets, his favourite. The Spice girls will be here to entertain you on Sunday, but that won't stop fights on the basketball court, or French people cheating. Meanwhile, we've got a load of gruesome-looking crashes from the BMXing to look forward to. That's all in the last working day of the lolympics.


Olympics Good 

- London 2012 Takes Gold for Memes and Gifs
- UK Company Offers Bolt an Infinite Supply of Chicken Nuggets
- Bolt Blasts Records on the Internet as Well as on the Track
- Some Twit Attempts to Sell Bottled Atmosphere From the Moment GB Started Winning Gold
- London Cycling Festival Proposed to Capture Spirit of the Games
- Spice Girls (Yes, They're Still Here) Are to Close Out the Olympics
- Win a Piece of Olympic History Like a Javelin and Other Bits and Pieces


Olympics Bad 

- American 400m Runner Actually Breaks His Leg Mid-Sprint, and Finishes the Race
- Basketball Players Fight Over Diving Like Footballers
- Taekwondo Champ Crashes Out In Shock Defeat


Olympics Ugly 

- The Social Olympics -- For Better or Worse
- A Shoe You Can Tweet at, Ugh
- Ouch, BMX Crashes Look Proper Nasty
- French Drug Cheat Sent Packing

Image credit: Olympics sprinterChicken nuggets, Leg Break from Shutterstock