Lolympics: Day 5

By Sam Gibbs on at

Yes! Finally! We've won not one, but two whole gold medal events. But that's not all that's been happening in a day of Lolympics. Good ol'Boris, hilariously, got stuck hanging from a zip-line waving flags, while Beats actually managed to beat the Olympic brand police. Eight badminton players also got caught fixing matches and banned, and you can now see what could happen to your legs as a cyclist (it's not pretty).


Olympics Good

- Boris Stuck Hanging Mid-Air on a Zip-Line Is the Biggest Olympic Attraction of the Day
- Boris Vs The Dark Knight Rises
- Guns Are Just too Slow For Olympic Sprinters
- Twitter Backs Down Over NBC-Critic Blocking
- Beats Beat the Olympic Brand Police With Ambush Marketing
- Can't Get to the Olympic Park? Build One Out of Lego Instead
- We've Finally Won Some Gold


Olympics Bad

- Daley Wasn't the Only One Getting a Torrent of Twitter Abuse
- Eight Badminton Players Disqualified For Match Fixing


Olympics Ugly

- This Is Why You Don't Want to Be a Sprint Cyclist
- More Than One In 10 Seats Sold Are Left Empty

Image credit: Olympics sprinter and Troll from Shutterstock, Twitter

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